We are a not-for-profit community organization that provides food assistance, financial assistance and medical care to build a stronger Bennington.
Our community faces significant challenges. One in every four Bennington families seeks food assistance. Much of our rental housing stock is unaffordable and energy inefficient. Many adults still do not have access to medical services. And of Vermont elementary schools sampled in 2013-2014, three of the four in the state with the worst dental outcomes are located in Bennington County.
We’re working to change that. At our Kitchen Cupboard food distribution program we offer food and food education, with a goal of providing Bennington residents with sustainable options for healthy eating. At the Bennington Free Clinic, we provide front line medical care for uninsured adults — and we’ve broken new ground by enrolling over 1000 Bennington County families in insurance programs since October 2013. Meanwhile, our Food and Fuel Fund provides financial assistance for housing and related expenses to individuals and families experiencing financial crisis. Together, we work toward a stronger, healthier Bennington. Keep reading to learn more about our work — and get ready to be involved.
GBICS depends on the generosity of volunteers, donors, sponsors, corporations, foundations and government partners to help meet the needs for food, housing supports, and health care in our community. Without this generous help, none of our programs would be possible